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Title: yuzu's studying habit
Fandom: life.style 2 (original)
Character/Pairing: Kari, Yuzu, Kiit, Saki
Category: General
Rating/Warnings: K+
Word count: 745 words
Community: [community profile] 24hourthemes
Disclaimer: None.
Summary: Kari, being the mother hen she is, steps in on Yuzu's studying habits.

"Yuzu," Kari called. Yuzu looked behind him and saw the petite girl trying to catch up to him. "Your scores on the last exam last week weren't very good. You were the 16th on the ranking." He sighed and rubbed the back of his neck.

"I know."

"You should study more! Some of us are having a study session after school today. You should come! Mimi will be there, and Kiit, and Tooro... oh and Kai." Yuzu bit his lip.

"Nah, I don't think I'll come today."

"Oh, is that so? I thought you might say something like that, so I stayed up until three this morning making this study guide for you!" She hurriedly dug into her school bag and pulled out a cutesy notebook packed with notes and post-its, paper and tabs sticking out every which way. The cover design was a cute grey tabby cat with a pink bell collar on a bright pink floral and lace patterned background. Yuzu winced.

"Uh, wow you stayed up until three? Thanks but no thanks, Kari. I really appreciate it but--" He was already taking steps back when Kari grabbed and yanked on his arm. She began to drag him toward the 2nd year Fruits clubroom.

"You're coming to this study session today, Yuzu. You're going to do very well on your exams next month! Because I'll be the one to tutor you!" She looked up and into his eyes, her expression not faltering one bit. "You're not going to shame us by dropping out, are you, Yuzu?"

"No... no, Kari," he stuttered, "I won't. I promise. So will you let me go?" He smiled halfheartedly and her grip tightened on his wrist. "Ow, ow, ow!"


"You can just give me your study notes, Kari. I know how to study on my own." He looked down at her hand at his wrist. "Come on, this isn't like you."

"I'm not letting you go, Yuzu. You're coming to the clubroom and you're going to study all lunch hour. With me." She dragged him into the clubroom and sat him down in one of the chairs and then took the seat across from him.

Kiit and Saki, who were both already in the room, looked up at them as they started to study.

"You've finally taken it upon yourself to train him, huh, Kari?" Kiit mused.


"What, Kiit, you knew about this, too?" Yuzu shouted.

"Of course! We were on the phone with her until the wee hours of the morning, helping her make that study guide for you," she replied.

"'We'? Who's 'we' ?" Yuzu was scared to ask.

"Me, Kiit, and Berry," Saki cut in and then stood. He walked over to the pair at the table and looked down at what they were working on. "Though I admit, Berry wasn't all too pleased about being included. Said all this stuff about it being a 'pain in the ass,' that turd." Even though Yuzu didn't know the English word turd, he had a feeling it was something negative and laughed a little.

"But hey, that Kari worked really hard on those notes for you." Saki looked down at Kari, who at this point was face down on the table, asleep.

"Eh, when did she fall asleep?"

"Doesn't matter. This study guide should help you with the retake in three days, right?"

"How did you know I requested a retake?"

"Kari told me. I guess she overheard your conversation with the professor and got all fired up about it. You know how she is."


"You should study seriously. That genius mind will just rot away if you don't use it, you know. And look, Kari's all tired out now. She stayed up until three, she told me. Kiit and I passed out a bit before then and Berry was out like a light before we even got an hour in, hah!"

"Wow, so she worked really heard on this..." Yuzu looked down at the cute styled notebook before him and a new fire ignited in his chest.

"Well, we all did but--"

"Yosh! I'll study with this guide and score in the top five this time!"

Saki burst out laughing. "Don't push it!" he said and continued laughing.

"You guys usually snipe the top five, but I'll make it for sure, this time!" And determination rooted itself in his mind and his willpower blossomed like a morning glory unfurling for the sun.


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