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who am i
i am a liar
i am a gun
i run around looking for fun
wearing worldly dangerous attire
but somehow i'll get by.
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i'll take a look-see
yeah a look-see
just a look-see
ya see?

a quay by the sea
is what i see
a smutty marquis
gone to sight-see
magnificent silk trees

if we ship him to hawaii
he'll give us the master key
then we'll cut of head before his dying plea--

to take off his goatee,
at least to a tolerable degree,
which one might say will still be shitty
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let's go out and do something fun;
sit under the stars and let them in our hearts.
with careful eye on limbal rings
we'll dive in with each other's wings
in this darkness there is a glow
that comes from humble origins.
the bottom of a lake holds watery snow
that was once in another world.

- know you're around 'cause I know the sound of your heart ('the sound'//the 1975)


May. 23rd, 2015 17:34
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have no love for characters
that don't yet exist

stains clamour over tea cup lip
bubbles cling to the walls,
produced from sitting overnight
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Pink blossoms
drooping downwards
like gowns at a grand ball.

Dew clinging to their petals
and hanging like gems,
glimmering in the morning light.

an: on another note, the blueberry-lemon scones at starbucks aren't as great as I thought they'd be.


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