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"It's been three months since I last saw you!" She paused to give him a once over with her eyes. "You look good."

"Yeah," he ran his fingers through his grown out hair, "I grew up." His words were simple and said with a smile. She saw something different in him - he had changed, and she liked it.

"So you have a beard and some longer hair, now, huh?" She walked past him and relaxed on the sofa.

"And I hear you dropped out." He followed her to the living room and stared down at her. "Not at all what I expected from you of all people, Holly."

She flicked on the television and let out a soft laugh. "Yeah, well, it wasn't working out for me. Grades didn't cut it and I was out of money." She passed through a few channels randomly. "Anyway, glad you called me over. Been meaning to tell you guys: got a job as a lead art director at a local video game company - I'll be moving here over the next month."

"That's great. Now Jewels and I can bug you all the time," he said and laughed.

"That's right!" she humored. He took a seat next to her and together they watched an old 90s film on TV.
author's note

wordcount: 215
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Title: The Meeting of Julia and Anson
Fandom: Spiderlilly (sims 3 original)
Character/Pairing: Julia Rochelle, Anson H.
Rating: K+
Word Count: 759 words
Summary: Julia spots a strange man taking photos of her.
Authors Notes: University arc, post-Viveil. Took maybe an hour or two. Minimal proofing.

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Title: untitled
Fandom: Spiderlilly (sims 3 original)
Character/Pairing: Julia Rochelle, Maxwell Shepley, Ashley Crono
Rating: T
Word Count: 467 words
Summary: Julia finally comes home after a night at the gym.
Authors Notes: Takes place during the university arc, after Julia and Viveil's breakup.

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