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There weren’t many people in the small market; the outskirts of West Guard City being one of the least populated areas of North America’s Alice.

The trio didn’t shop at Kaiso Markets on account of it being inconveniently placed and its high prices. It was a market Agatha wished they would shop at more, because of the plentiful organics and amount of other healthy selections.

"Listen, Aggie, this is a lot of good food. Sure we can afford this? Damien asks, somehow managing to hold onto a few boxes and oddly shaped objects. Van looked up at him, then ata Agatha. He was also holding groceries.

"Why couldn’t we use baskets? What’s wrong with them?" Agatha frowned and crossed her empty arms.

"I don’t know, she said. Just then, Agatha got a sharp jab in the side.

"Back. madam." A man in dark green clothing had walked in front of Agatha and dropped stuff on the counter. He then turned to her and smiled. "Sorry, I was here first. Ijust went to go get something."

"Get to the back of the line, sir," the cashier said.

With a grin and a grunt, the man in green pulled out a gold plated gun. Immediately, everyone around them dropped to the floor with their hands over their heads. Agatha remarked to herself how even here, with Codes, people were afraid of guns.

"Get down, Aggie, Van!" Damien shouted, already behind a pile of bananas.

"Van, I’ll use Zeta and you cuff him," Agatha ordered and Van nodded.

"Don’t you dare!" Damien shouted, but Agatha had already initiated Zeta and went into the gunman’s brain. Her body fainted and Van caught it, laying it down gently before initiating Theta. He saw crosshairs lock onto the gunman and then he jumped on him.

With two loud cracks, both the gunman’s arms were twisted horribly the wrong way.

"Van!" Damien shouted. He was angry. Agatha suddenly shot up, back from her brief trip. Her eyes went around, looking for tips as to what was going on.

"Damien?" she asked. Just as the word left her mouth, Guard patrol officers stormed the market.


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