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Title: back from vacation
Fandom: Mary and Elijah, and Friends (original)
Prompt: 002. I'm here + 1,308 - Pompeii
Character/Pairing: Mary, Elijah
Rating: T
Word Count: 473 words
Community: [livejournal.com profile] 100_prompts + [community profile] daily_prompt
Summary: After two months abroad, Elijah comes home.
Authors Notes/Disclaimer: Legit took me 30min to write. Minimal proofing.
WARNING: swearing.

"Hey, let me in!" He pounded his fist against the thick wooden door. "Mary, open the fucking door. It's me." The girl laying on the couch woke up and hurried to the door, unhooking the chain and unbolting the door. "The fuck took you so long?" he snapped and threw his knapsack on the hardwood floor. He meandered to the couches and fell back on the loveseat, his legs hanging over the armrest.

"Did you just get back?" she asked as she put the kettle on the stove.


"How was Pompeii?"


"Did you take lots of photos?"

"Of course!"

"Show them to me later."

"Of course."

A comfortable silence settled into the room, only giving way to the growing boiling of the water and cars outside. He stared up at the ceiling with a calm stare and then turned to look out the open window, focusing for a moment on the sound of traffic.

"How were you doing?" he asked, then added, "here."

"You mean, how have things here been?" She laughed. "Everything's good, Elijah. No worries."

"That's good. What's changed?"

"Mm... nothing really. Oh, Boreas got a new job." He sat up a little to look at her.

"Really?" Disbelief riddled his voice.


"Where at?"

"You remember that secondhand shop on 14th? The one with the funny smell but lots of great stuff."

"Ooh, that one! He got a job there?" He laid back down. "Seems typical of him. To work there of all places."

"Mhm! He's totally into it." The kettle began howling and she quickly took it off the element and placed it on a hotplate. She grabbed a box of green tea from above the stove and a mug from the drying rack. "You want some tea, too?"

"Please," he replied and she grabbed another mug. With flicks of her wrist she dropped two teabags in their mugs and poured steaming water over them. Without skipping a beat, she grabbed the mugs and walked over to Elijah.


He sat up and took the mug from her. "Thanks."

"You want to do anything?"

"Nah, not really. I just want to relax."

She took a sea on the long sofa and leaned back into it. "I understand. We'll just stay home tonight, then." She sipped at her tea and then winced. It wasn't ready yet.

"Has it really been two months? Feels like just yesterday when I walked right out that door." With a wistful glance he looked toward the front door, remembering with a clear memory of the events that took place that day.

"Yeah. It hasn't been that long."

"Well, whatever troubles we were in: I'm here now." He reached over and touched her knee, a reassuring smile on his face. She beamed back.

"Yes," she replied and leaned over to give him a kiss.


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