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[Lockwood] To Falter

"Are you still working on that stalking thing for Dad?" Luc asked.

"What do you want, Luc?" Jax massaged his temples; he had been up all night looking into the places Corelle frequented.

"Just wondering why you're still doing stuff for that prick."

"Show some respect! He's our father."

"I don't give a fuck who he is. That guy's an alien elitist. Doesn't care about humans or this planet. It ain't right, man. I don't get how you can put up with his shit. Why do you let him control you like that?"

"He's not controlling me."

"You keep tellin' yourself that, bro. He's got you running around delivering illegal goods in your own time."

"I'm heir to the Halstrom House. There's a lot I have to do."

"Ooh, responsibility, the house, first born!" Luc laughed. "Do you think there's a lot of pressure on you or something?"

"Look, I'm not you. I can't play around all I want without any repercussions."

"I think you're aware of how tied up you are, but you still can't get away from him."

Jax remained quiet.

"Anyway," Luc said and leaned over his brother's shoulder, "who's this cutie you're stalking?"

Jax's face scrunched up in some mix of confusion and anger. "How do you know what she looks like?"

"I looked!"


"This morning."

"You looked at my files without permission?"

"Dude, you were out cold! Came in to see if you wanted some coffee; took a peek at your shit. Ain't a big deal. Though, you might not want to mention to anybody how you bribed an officer for her work schedule."

Jax rubbed the back of his neck. "Yeah, I'll remember that."

"So, all those places that girl goes to. It's the same as you. I mean, except the Desert Aurora and Avarice. You don't go clubbing."

"Yeah." Jax returned his gaze to the screen and squinted. He was trying--without success--to hack into the Desert Aurora's VIP list. Luc noticed this and placed a hand on his brother's shoulder.

"Tell you what, bro."


"I'll do you a favor. Not for dad--you."

"What is it?"

"You give me a day heads up for where she's heading, and I'll get us in same night as she." He grinned at the hacking module Jax fiddled with. "No more of... that."

"You mean it?" Jax asked.

"For sure, man! I just hope you snap outta this 'follow Dad' trance ASAP. Anyway, I got a date with this Haeju girl comin' up. See ya!" Luc downed the rest of his coffee, slammed the empty mug on the desk, and left.

Jax stared down at the empty mug, Luc's words digging into his mind.

"I think you're aware of how tied up you are, but you still can't get away from him."

Luc was right. Jax was fully aware of being under his father's thumb, but he respected the old man too much to say no.

Jax opened the file folder on the desk and held the only photo of Corelle Lockwood in his possession as if it were a fragile treasure. Whatever he uncovered about the girl made him feel strangely connected to her. Like himself, Corelle was the heir to a prominent family from a young age, and grew up with a lot of expectations. He felt like he could understand her, and she could understand him.

In a moment of yearning, Jax lowered his face and softly kissed the photo. More and more, the job his father had given him was becoming more difficult.