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[Lockwood] Jack's Plan

"I have something important to talk to you about," Jack said.

Jax looked down at the chessboard, away from his father's eyes. "Yes, Dad?"

"First, do you remember our family mission?"

"Something about recovering a formula that will save the home planet."

"That's right. Good enough," Jack said and grinned. He moved the black rook.

Jax's face looked glum as he moved a white bishop. "Did something happen?"

"I think I found them," Jack said excitedly. "The Lockwoods."


"Yes, and I have a plan. You're going to help."


"Good. I need you to befriend the current head of Lockwood estate. Her name is Corelle, and she's a police officer living in Oasis Springs."

"Why do I need to befriend her?"

"It'll be easier to obtain the formula data if you have her trust. Watch her. Learn her schedule, her hobbies, interests. Weasel into her heart and reclaim what rightfully belongs to the Halstroms."

"If I do this for you," Jax began, "will you let me go?"

"Anything is possible once we have the formula."

"Then consider it done. Checkmate, Dad."