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We Live, a Stripe prequel

Years before the Gates opened and Supernaturalists flooded into the human realm: this is the story of the Committee that later became the Angelic Symphony.

Part 1 - July 9, 2028, Vettore
Part 2 - August 11, 2028, Albrecht
Part 3 - September 29, 2028, Vaughn
Part 4 - November 1, 2028, Davey


Jahiem Asimov
- the chief leader of the United Supernatural Investigation Committee for the past fifteen years.
- respected and feared by the people under him, he can be warm and friendly or cruel and cunning when it suits him best.
- manages the USIC from the main HQ in Antarctica.

Fidel Vettore
- partner of Alain and Bacchus. Guardian agent. Lived through the Rabbit-caused explosion that killed his team.
- prefers to maintain a certain degree of professionalism and not get personal with his partners.

Dr Tristan Vaughn
- lead researcher at the Committee headquarters. In charge of looking into the recent Rabbit-caused explosion as well as Vettore’s involvement and his after treatments.
- a mysterious researcher who transferred to main HQ nearly seven years prior.

Alfie Albrecht
- transfer agent to the Committee headquarters in Antarctica from the equator branch located on the island Ilhéu das Rolas. Vettore’s new partner. Expedition researcher.

Stella Stone
- new Enforcer added to Vettore and Albrecht's team.
- Sven's younger sister. Blames Albrecht for what happened to her brother. Enforcer.

Alain Coriani (deceased)
- Jahiem’s nephew, his sister’s son. Expedition researcher into the Rabbits and their reason for being. Died in Rabbit-caused explosion.

Bacchus Montserrat (deceased)
- Guardian agent. Died in Rabbit-caused explosion.

Eliza Davey (deceased)
- member of Albrecht's previous team. Sven's girlfriend. Killed by Sven while under Rabbit influence. Guardian.

Sven Stone (incarcerated)
- member of Albrecht's previous team. Eliza's boyfriend. Detained in Equator HQ for murder. Enforcer.

Author's Notes:
USIC Global Stations
*** Antarctic Committee Headquarters (Marie Byrd Land, Antarctica)
- the main USIC headquarters located on the 80th lateral, near the Ross Ice Shelf.
- largest Research and EF departments.
- English, Russian, and French languages.
*** Equator Branch (Ilhéu das Rolas, São Tomé and Príncipe, Africa)
- branch 2nd in authority, largest Technologies Department with only one Research unit and two teams of EF left since Albrecht transferred and the incident in Feb 2027.
- is actually a number of smaller facilities dotting Ilhéu das Rolas with dirt roads, a small port market, and equally small tourism industry.
- Portuguese and English languages.
*** South American Branch (Ubatuba, São Paulo, Brazil)
- 3rd in authority, holds a large Research and EF departments relative to their facility size. Branch that does the most fieldwork (wipe out and observational missions, mostly). Known to other branches as the most unique, creative, and fun. They all enjoy a good time and are like a family in the single flat facility.
- due to the large research staff + EF and small facility, bunk beds and coupled rooms are made use of.
- Portuguese, English, and Spanish languages.
*** Asia Branch (Tropic of Cancer, Taiwan's East coast)
- last in command but also the most busy. Largest Information department, mainly in Archiving division. Also large Technologies department.
- due to the abnormally large Informations Dept., this facility is working 24/7 with long shifts and extreme dedication. When it's not busy, there is some goofing off, but if there's a call or an incoming report, everyone snaps into work mode.
- Chinese (Cantonese), Japanese, Korean, and Tagalog languages.

Research Department (Antarctic HQ)
- Dr Tristan Vaughn: Rabbit-caused explosions, how they die + come back to life, Vettore's condition. General practitioner.
- Dr Abel Strathis: Rabbit abilities and special powers. How they regenerate and any special organs they carry. General practitioner.
- Alain Coriani (deceased): origin of the Rabbits. Where did they come from? Why are they appearing? How are their physicalities possible?
- Alfie Albrecht: Rabbit self-preservation. Is it their will to stay alive? To eat? Reproduce?

Technologies Department
- Dr Abigail Martin (head developer @ Committee HQ)
- focuses on development of new anti-Rabbit technologies, both offensive and defensive in nature.
- works very closely with various research teams.

Informations Department
*** Archiving Division: creating/logging of mission reports and other various incoming information. Tasked with the keeping and protection of various completed research papers and reports.
*** Sightings + Testimonies Division: creating, archiving, and fact checking of Rabbit sightings around the world. Makes sure Rabbit sightings are made into authentic mission reports, and deals missions out to different global stations in the order of danger level and how close they are to civilization and global station along with any other information. Also in charge of observing incoming data from the satellites.

Expedition Forces
- Guardian Agents: a requirement of at least one for each expedition team, these agents prioritize the researcher above all else, ensuring their survival.
- Enforcer Agents: agents prioritizing the mission objective, usually involving defeating the Rabbit or providing time for the researcher to do their assigned task/objective.
- Special Agents: given a special title to signify their ability and duty to perform both jobs of Guardian and Enforcer. Usually only the very experienced or well gifted attain this title.


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