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(a/n: I read this and thought, "wow this is so like me. where did I get this from?" and then I reach the bottom, and I find out, "oh, I wrote this....."

  1. Speaking something you don't mean is being a liar, and believing you're something you're not is being fake.
  2. If you have a talent, utilize it!
  3. Be frank, and don't keep to yourself.
  4. Friends should understand that when people are mad, things are said. Both sides should apologize for something (make it two positives so it cancels out!)
  5. Edit to a minimum.
  6. Name calling and violence are NOT options.
  7. Don't let it get swept up!
  8. Like people, but hate liking them.
  9. Do things with passion or not at all.
  10. Wanting things is okay, but don't care if you don't get it in the end.
  11. Don't forget, people aren't stone.
  12. Lots and lots of chocolate milk!
  13. Don't give up until you're dead.
  14. Language is a masterpiece.
  15. Some people deserve to die, but no one deserves to die horribly.
  16. A kiss is a kiss. Don't doubt it!


Apr. 11th, 2014 07:07
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cardiac arrest
and I see double
with a wistful glance
pushing it down and not going
down burnt going down

can't decide desire
floating ball of green
wasting away in a daze
crying in a last attempt at
shitting in a porcelain pot

basics flying out the window
ink running low
scared of running out, the end
nearing a winter lake shore
with swans honking at your business

don't let fear chase the chance
to glance out the window and
welcome in a dangerous method.

trumpets call in a cry
forgetting the once-sided dogs
and the jocks in the mix.

A block so thick
a wall so high
no time to cry
no end in sight

time slowing down
speeding up
feelings coming to a head

events unfolding
a cold feeling
colliding in a mix
doubt, and uncertainty
do not forget the
precious beginning.

can't taste
can't decide
make choices

author's notes--
don't ask.


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