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[fake journal entry]

In sixth grade, this girl in our class ran away and committed suicide. They never found her body, though. We were never read her suicide note, but the adults told the class we were the reason why she died. They told us we bullied her, and she had had enough.

I, for one, didn't even notice there was bullying going around. The other kids in the class never thought they were bullying her, either. But nonetheless, the weight of another human's life pushed us down into the dirt.

Never had I felt guilt as thick and immense until that day. I felt like I had done no wrong actions, but as I grew up, I realized it was the lack of action and awareness that caused this girl to take her life.

There was a phase where I felt like a murderer. I'm sure everyone in the class felt like they had done something wrong, I'm sure they regretted their actions.

I later on realized how cruel children can be, and when I looked back at my sixth grade class, they were little more than your average school bullies. It never seemed so serious to cause another person to take their life. But just like how children can be cruel, they can also be sensitive. That girl must have been a sensitive one, and none of us thought about that. No one thought about what effect the teasing would have on her.

A few days ago, I bumped into someone. She looked like how that girl in sixth grade would have looked, if she had lived. Instantly curious about her, I asked her out to dinner.

author's note
thought of this while eating breakfast today.
took a while to write it out, though :c

word count:276 words

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After packing up my bags for the weekend, I was picked up at my house at the usual time of seven-thirty on a Saturday morning by one of my good friends Silas. I shoved my luggage in the trunk and climbed into the passenger seat. Immediately I rolled down the window and let cool air flow through the car.

"Seven and already this hot out. How can you drive with the windows up?"

He shrugged and started the car. I turned the radio on and popped in one of the CDs I kept here. Olivia Ong's "Fly Me To The Moon" came blaring and I hastily turned the volume down, feeling a a pang of embarrassment. He glanced sideways at me and gave a slight smile.

"You should take those back some time," he said.

"I keep them here for times when you pick me up," I replied and rested my elbow on the window sill. He kept quiet and we drove to the beach and meetup with our friends Imogen and August. They had just arrived and were starting to set out their stuff. We picked a spot halfway between the usual noon tide mark and the sidewalk, dug a deep hole and scoured the beach for large logs. We set up a tent and huddled in it like children in a secret clubhouse, the sea in front of us and the city behind us. A blue cloudless sky hovered above us and a salty breeze flew past us.

We stayed hunched over in our tent for a short time, chatting and playing video games and tapping at our smartphones. At nine we crawled out to play. Imogen and August splashed in the water while I walked along the sea line looking for shells. Silas left to go for a walk and came back about an hour later.

"What time is Trevor supposed to come?" I leaned back into the sand couch we created and drank from my water bottle.

Silas' eyes were glued to his phone screen. "I don't know." Sighing, I yanked out my DS and played Pokemon until it was time for lunch.

We ate our packed lunches and relaxed in our tent. "Hey, Clem, want to go for a walk?" Imogen looked over at me from her book with a big smile on her face.

"Sure." We left the two guys in the tent, the both of them so intently focused on their tech talk.

Imogen and I walked along the sidewalk that followed the shoreline, talking about school and the latest news between our friends. And we walked and talked for a long time, until we came to the inukshuk. We turned around and walked back.

author's notes
day 1
not happy with how it was going, so I just ended it.

word count: 454


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