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who am i

who am i
i am a liar
i am a gun
i run around looking for fun
wearing worldly dangerous attire
but somehow i'll get by.
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i'll take a look-see
yeah a look-see
just a look-see
ya see?

a quay by the sea
is what i see
a smutty marquis
gone to sight-see
magnificent silk trees

if we ship him to hawaii
he'll give us the master key
then we'll cut of head before his dying plea--

to take off his goatee,
at least to a tolerable degree,
which one might say will still be shitty
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(no subject)

let's go out and do something fun;
sit under the stars and let them in our hearts.
with careful eye on limbal rings
we'll dive in with each other's wings
in this darkness there is a glow
that comes from humble origins.
the bottom of a lake holds watery snow
that was once in another world.

- know you're around 'cause I know the sound of your heart ('the sound'//the 1975)
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"You put someone on a pedestal and forget they're human."

"It's not like I mean to. Beautiful people are beautiful and I want to admire them. I want to be around them. Maybe I forget they have faults, too, that they live lives away from me."

"And then you see a photo of them on social media in a place you have no idea about, with people you don't know, and somehow you worm your way into my bed again."

"You allow it," he said accusingly.

Gian sat up and looked at the man next to him. "I don't. This is not okay, John. It has got to stop."

"You're beautiful, too, Gian-"

"Shut the fuck up. I don't want to hear it." Gian climbed out of bed and buttoned up his jeans. "Go home."

"I don't wanna."

"Did you text Alexis and Turner about staying out late?"

John didn't want to answer. He rolled over and pulled the thin old blanket up to his red-tinged ears. He realized Gian wasn't going to say anything until he answered so he said, "I don't want to talk to them right now."

Gian sighed. "When do you ever?" He paused and pulled a shirt over his head. "I'm buying breakfast. What d'you want?"

"A sausage mc muffin."

"I'll be back in twenty." Gian grabbed his keys from the coffee table and left the small single room apartment.

John closed his eyes and cried.


wordcount: 241
a/n: wrote it in 10min without any editing as a (mostly) straight to document piece.
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chat w/ mum

"Toria!" Mum called from the bottom of the stairs. I rolled over in my sleep and remained silent. She called again and then came up the stairs. She stood at the door to my room and commented on the dishes, said it must be hereditary since my little sister does the same thing.

"She only does it 'cause I do it," I said.

"She's always been messy, though. I can get like that, too," she said and sat down in my computer chair. She almost missed the seat and laughed. "I smoked a doobie. Can you tell?"

I gave her a good look in the face. "No," I said. "But, you know, maybe Bethany and I are messy because we spent our childhood without a bedroom to ourselves?"

"Right, you shared a room with your dad..."

"And she was always with you."

"No, that was when she was really young. She's always had her own room since she was six. She's got no excuse, Toria," Mum said. "And you say I'm too nice to them."

"You are!" I said but didn't feel like going into detail. I grabbed my phone from my night table and checked my email. I pulled up the covers to my chin.

Mum picked up a Chapters giftcard from the floor and placed it next to me on the bed. "You still need this, or...?"

"Nope." I grabbed it with my index and middle fingers and flicked it back onto the floor. Mum laughed.

"That reminds me. Rico has the same giftcard, but only JJ likes to read..."

"I just bought two books from there the other day. They sell more than just books, you know?"

"Like what?" Mum asked.

"Like... stationary?" She gave me the mum-eye. "Electronics? Pass my chromebook."

"Where is it?"

"Right there in that pile of clothes." She handed me my chromebook and I searched up some stuff from the online store and showed her. She didn't seem interested. Her eyes wandered to the small stack of books I keep next to my pillow.

"Levathan ... Wakes?" she mumbled.

"Leviathan, mum."

"I don't see an I... oh, never mind. There it is."

I sat up. "Do you know what a leviathan is, mum?"

"No. What is it?"

"It's supposed to be a gigantic sea monster that God created."

"Really," she drawled.

"Yeah. The biggest creature in the sea. Huge. There were three others: Behemoth and Ziz. God was supposed to have made them, too."

"You know, I find it funny how you know all this stuff about religion but you're not actually religious yourself."


"Why is that?"

"I don't know. Let's not talk about it."
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[fe:fates] gunter

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and an image of my avatar
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Mould and Moss [DA:I]

Cassandra slammed a thick book on the table. "Do you know what this is? A writ from the Divine, giving us the authority to act. As of this moment, I declare the Inquisition reborn." Eloen stared at the book and knew it was not only heavy in a physical sense, but also heavy on the mind. Since waking up in that dark dungeon in Haven, swords pointed at her from all directions, she knew this was just the beginning of something much larger than herself.

At night, Eloen secluded herself in the little hut that was allowed to her. She was an agent of the inquisition now--an army of Andrastians who believed her to be the blessed Herald of Andraste. Suddenly she was someone strangers depended on, and it coiled up inside her and made her ache. She clutched at her chest and took slow, deep breaths as she gazed at the fire. She sat on the floor with crossed legs and took her boots off. She relaxed and stuck her feet near the flame.

There was a soft rasping at the door. She turned and said, "Come in." Solas entered the hut and closed the door behind him. "Solas? Why did you come?"

"I was seeking your opinion."

"On what?"

He hesitated for a moment, seemingly unsure whether to sit down next to her or not. She tried not to smile. "Pull up that chair by the desk. I'm quite comfortable here. Now, what did you want to talk about?"

"The others believe you blessed, touched by Holy Andraste herself. What do you believe?"

Eloen frowned. "I don't like it. But if it's what gives them strength, I won't outright deny it."

"What will you do if not deny nor accept? Is walking around in circles without any proper answer all you wish to do?"

"No, Solas. I want to... I don't believe in the Maker. But Andraste? Who is to say there was no woman who drove back the Tevinter Imperium, if it is not spread out over Thedas today? Something must have happened. I don't know what it is. This mark on my hand? It burns. It gives me authority but otherwise I think little to nothing of it."

"What are your plans, then?"

"To do whatever is required of me. I don't have any immediate goals, I admit. But longterm? As bright and clear as the breach above our heads: I will work towards restoring the order lost."

"Admirable." He paused and seemed to be in deep thought. "I will stay, then."

"You were thinking of leaving?"

"We are both apostates but unlike you I have no mark on my hand." He spoke bitterly. Eloen nibbled her bottom lip.

"Are you angry?"

Solas shook his head and rubbed his temples briefly. "It's nothing. But it's late and I should leave you to whatever it was you were doing before. Good night."

word count: 485

author's note: i don't know where i'm going.

2016年05月01日UPDATE:Changed Inquisitor name Eirlin->Eloen.
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silverstein info

high tech low life.

vampires, demons, ghosts.

underwater world. steam powered.

a woman trapped with the mentality of a seventeen year old, her family brutally murdered and her mind forced into the MACHINE in order to lead the CITY.

a digital world one must sleep to enter, where PEACE is LAW.

events take place prior to the main story, detailing Arden's childhood and adolescence.

silverstein 1
silverstein 1-1

AMORY, Delphi; 250yo vampire
AMORY, Arden; 20yo human

HAWTHORNE, Samuel; 36yo vampire
WESTWOOD, Julian; 200yo vampire
CIPRIANO, Stellan; 35yo human
CIPRIANO, Gian; 29yo human

Bronwen; 36yo human
Bellatrix; 2yo android
BAINBRIDGE, Juliet; 20yo human

SILVERSTEIN, Walden Fitzroy, 27yo ???

DAGWOOD, Ilaria, 36yo human

TULLY, Rupert
THISBE, Roxanna
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silverstein 1

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wordcount: 836
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[info] Lockwood (WIP)

Lockwood, title tentative

1-0: I - II
1-1: I - II - III - IV
1-3 (Epilogue)

{ Four years after the 1969 Apollo 11 moon landing, there was a large influx of investments in space research. After several failed attempts, including the 1990 launch disaster where one of the fuel tanks failed to ignite, was impossible to manually eject, and then exploded 10 minutes after take off, the first successful Mars landing was on February 17th, 1993.
{ Alien life was found on Mars, watching over the Earth and sending data back to their home planet in another system. Mars missions that previously lost contact were actually in various dangers and saved by the aliens. Despite the amicable friendship between humans and aliens, neither were allowed to set foot on each others' settlements. Special areas were designated trading ports to at least facilitate commerce and
{ Starting in the year 2023, regular flights to/from Mars begin. Also starting this year, space travel past the asteroid belt gets looked into as the "Mars fad" dies down. Space tourism becomes a thing.


Lockwoods, originally a famous detective family, recently revived.
Tanner Miyagi, 48/m;
{ eloped with the Lockwood estate's heir, Gloria Lockwood. Seen as a bad influence by Rudolf and Eliza Lockwood, Gloria's parents. Worked several jobs to earn more money, trying to make up for "robbing Gloria of her inheritance." After Gloria's death, starts a tech company.
Corelle Lockwood, 21/f;
{ Nov 13-2052, scorpio. Aspiring detective. Decided to become a detective like her grandparents (and legacy) since she was young. Likes people, good at her job in the police force. Strong sense of ethics and hates injustice. Moody around people who're downers. Has deep emotions that she wants to share, but finds it difficult to find someone to share them with. Honest and direct personality. Doesn't actually care about the Lockwood legacy; instead devotes resources to fiercely protecting the family heirloom. Stubborn, but will change her opinions with logic and reason.

Halstroms, sent to Earth to stop their home planet's famine, changed name to Holston.
Jack Holston, 57/m;
{ only son of the lead researcher sent to Earth. Disgusted by humans, is an alien elitist despite being half human. Wants desperately to return to the home planet, fulfilling the dream of his father who ended up dying on Earth and never seeing the home planet's sky again. Willing to do anything to go back "home" and bring his father's ashes to see the alien sky. He works as an astronaut doing cargo shipments and dabbles in illegal trade, both exporting and importing illegal goods through a special trade port on the moon.
Wendy Holston, 55/f;
{ a mobster, the boss of her gang. She's in charge of coming up with product to ship offworld, and finding buyers to sell the alien goods to. She made a deal with Jack: to marry him and give him some heirs and help support his endeavors, and in exchange he'll bring her to the homeworld where she'll become something akin to a god. Jack's father helped with the negotiations. Leaves most of the childrearing to her husband but does care about her sons.
Jax Holston, 27/m;
{ Jan 5-2046, capricorn. Heir to the Halstrom legacy. Also works as an astronaut, mostly running maintenance missions, valued for his practicality and persistence. Mildly mysophobic, always wears a pair of white gloves. He hates wasting time, and makes effort to always keep busy. Enjoys solitude, reading, and learning new subjects. Fascinated with the idea of traveling the known world and seeing the beauties of human culture and history. Raised in a very strict manner by his father, who he highly respects and constantly strives to make proud. He wants to make everyone around him happy. Emotionally withdrawn, keeping a very tight reign over how much of himself he expresses. Despite this, he feels very deeply about things. Believes love is an extremely deep emotion that he's only felt once, and doesn't believe he will reach it again. Does not readily speak about his feelings, but will openly state--and even argue--his opinions.
Luc Holston, 25/m;
{ Jul 27-2048, leo-cancer. Works as a mixologist at the nightclub, The Night: Deluxe. A ladies man notorious for taking many women home, but never twice. Enjoys being in the spotlight and talking with people, drawing attention with his colorful and lively personality. He loves art, and sometimes paints, but hates going to the art gallery. Thinks it's full of snobs. Excites and stimulates people into action. He's very direct with this thoughts, and is very impulsive. Follows his heart without thinking. Stubborn, but usually gives way to his brother. Hates his father because of the alien elitism. Has hugely high aspirations for him and the people around him, wanting the best and not settling for any less. Wants to make the right decision, and usually dabbles in all choices before sticking to one. Spends money freely. Headstrong and passionate lover. Startled easily when caught off guard or unprepared. Able to study and concentrate on something when he wants to. Great at self expression.
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The Rulebook

(a/n: I read this and thought, "wow this is so like me. where did I get this from?" and then I reach the bottom, and I find out, "oh, I wrote this....."

  1. Speaking something you don't mean is being a liar, and believing you're something you're not is being fake.
  2. If you have a talent, utilize it!
  3. Be frank, and don't keep to yourself.
  4. Friends should understand that when people are mad, things are said. Both sides should apologize for something (make it two positives so it cancels out!)
  5. Edit to a minimum.
  6. Name calling and violence are NOT options.
  7. Don't let it get swept up!
  8. Like people, but hate liking them.
  9. Do things with passion or not at all.
  10. Wanting things is okay, but don't care if you don't get it in the end.
  11. Don't forget, people aren't stone.
  12. Lots and lots of chocolate milk!
  13. Don't give up until you're dead.
  14. Language is a masterpiece.
  15. Some people deserve to die, but no one deserves to die horribly.
  16. A kiss is a kiss. Don't doubt it!
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have no love for characters
that don't yet exist

stains clamour over tea cup lip
bubbles cling to the walls,
produced from sitting overnight