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who am i
i am a liar
i am a gun
i run around looking for fun
wearing worldly dangerous attire
but somehow i'll get by.
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[COSMOS] is a space odyssey-adventure trilogy set in the far future of an alternate dimension. It features personal hardship, familial love, friendship, betrayal, treachery, war, "real" love, adventure, and political intrigue.

The first novel takes place over the month of June 2544 CE., and tells the story of two strangers, space junkman Remy Fitzgerald and racing pilot Yan Wu, who are framed for terrorism together. Teaming up with an art thief and a contract killer on the courier vessel, Zhihao, they travel across the Sol system completing favors in exchange for concealment from the authorities.

The second novel is in the works.

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i'll take a look-see
yeah a look-see
just a look-see
ya see?

a quay by the sea
is what i see
a smutty marquis
gone to sight-see
magnificent silk trees

if we ship him to hawaii
he'll give us the master key
then we'll cut of head before his dying plea--

to take off his goatee,
at least to a tolerable degree,
which one might say will still be shitty
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let's go out and do something fun;
sit under the stars and let them in our hearts.
with careful eye on limbal rings
we'll dive in with each other's wings
in this darkness there is a glow
that comes from humble origins.
the bottom of a lake holds watery snow
that was once in another world.

- know you're around 'cause I know the sound of your heart ('the sound'//the 1975)
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"You put someone on a pedestal and forget they're human."

"It's not like I mean to. Beautiful people are beautiful and I want to admire them. I want to be around them. Maybe I forget they have faults, too, that they live lives away from me."

"And then you see a photo of them on social media in a place you have no idea about, with people you don't know, and somehow you worm your way into my bed again."

"You allow it," he said accusingly.

Gian sat up and looked at the man next to him. "I don't. This is not okay, John. It has got to stop."

"You're beautiful, too, Gian-"

"Shut the fuck up. I don't want to hear it." Gian climbed out of bed and buttoned up his jeans. "Go home."

"I don't wanna."

"Did you text Alexis and Turner about staying out late?"

John didn't want to answer. He rolled over and pulled the thin old blanket up to his red-tinged ears. He realized Gian wasn't going to say anything until he answered so he said, "I don't want to talk to them right now."

Gian sighed. "When do you ever?" He paused and pulled a shirt over his head. "I'm buying breakfast. What d'you want?"

"A sausage mc muffin."

"I'll be back in twenty." Gian grabbed his keys from the coffee table and left the small single room apartment.

John closed his eyes and cried.


wordcount: 241
a/n: wrote it in 10min without any editing as a (mostly) straight to document piece.


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