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[livejournal.com profile] 50scenes: Fixing Loving Eliot Groussé
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Table 1: DragonAge Series (intro)
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Claim: life.style 2 (intro)
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Table A: Mary and Elijah, and Friends (intro)
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Title: rescue
Fandom: DragonAge Universe
Prompt: Table 1: 08. Beginnings + 1,305 - Prompt
Rating: K+
Word Count: 1101 words
Community: [livejournal.com profile] 10_prompts + [community profile] daily_prompt
Summary: The duo team of Viveil and Hallor rescue an apostate from the templars, but who is she?
Authors Notes/Disclaimer: I own the characters, not the universe this takes place in. I wrote this in 2 - 3 hours.

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life.style 2
カイ kai
只屋し 子邊 Tadayashi Kobe
// 16, smokes from time to time, quiet in groups, goes with the flow. Specialty: world history.
キート kiit
岩田 めき Iwata Meki
// 16, honest, selfish, impulsive. Very loud, large personality. Specialty: athletics + mathematics.
べーリ berry
闇と 雲雀 Yamito Hibari
// 16, outspoken and a smartass, complains a lot, doesn't like his nickname. Specialty: English.
サキ saki
崎元 后 Sakimoto Kisaki
// 16, half English, lighthearted and fun loving, a bit willful. Specialty: athletics + English.
カリ kari
意図 光 Ito Hikari
// 16, kindhearted, pretty, gentle. excitable and motherly. Specialty: cooking + Japanese history.
ミミ mimi
他画家 人見 Tagaka Hitomi
// 16, blunt and oblivious to others. sleepy. large breasts. Specialty: English + world history.
トーロ tooro
戸冪 荒い Tobeki Arai
// 16, sly, observant, lazy. a pudgy blackmailer. handsome face. Specialty: mathematics + classics.
クラ kura
古林 桜井 Kobayashi Sakurai
// 16, yankee. slick, sly, impulsive. careful with words. Specialty: athletics + mathematics.
ユズ yuzu
早手 ゆかる Hayate Yukaru
//16, kind yankee. rash, honest. emotional. holds grudges, smokes. Specialty: athletics + philosophy.

At Instinct High, there is a special program for students with excellent grades. It's called the Fruits Program, and allows members to take the advanced courses in higher grades. Students either make the grade or they break from the pressure.

There are only ten students allowed per class year. It's a tough competition, for graduating is a guarantee at success in life. All students are required to stay in the top twenty in student rankings, otherwise they loose their spot in the program to someone else.

A really old and clunky-looking floormap of the school can be found here. Also, a list of teachers, their subject, and if they're a strict or loose teaching method, can be found here.

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original life.style


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